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We have limited space in our vendor room, it is not quite as large as it has been in recent years. We will only accept vendors who have a direct interest in hypnosis, NLP, and/or life coaching and products that support that.

We will not accept vendors who sell academic degree programs. We will not accept vendors primarily selling products not related to the purpose of the convention (ie., toys, shoe inserts, jewelry, rocks, massage, etc.).

Vendor table registration is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have a table rented and cannot attend, you may sell it to another vendor after approval by the administration.

These will sell out and will go first come, first serve. We reserve the right to reject vendors who do not fit the mission of the Mid-America Conference.

You will get one 6ft table, and two chairs. Conference registration, dinner, show, and other fees are NOT included in the vendor table rental fee.

Those who are NOT speaking at the event and who want a table MUST also register for the conference as a paid participant.