The 7 Business Strategies EVERY Hypnotist needs to be a big money earner – One Day Pre-Conference Class


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Thursday, OCTOBER 13, 9am-4pm

Are YOU Ready to Finally enter the ranks of the 6-figure Business Owner?  Does earning more income while having more freedom something that interests you?  How would you like to be recognized as one of the TOP Earners in the field of Hypnosis today?

If You answered YES to any one of those questions then NOW is the time to Master the 7 Business Strategies EVERY Hypnotist needs to be a big money earner.
These are techniques very few in our industry have.  We all know the statistics.  Most hypnotists earn way less than the coveted 6 figure number because there is not a lot of expert modeling for practicing hypnotists to learn from.  There are plenty of trainings on therapy and inductions but very little in ways of entrepreneurship for our VERY Unique skill sets. Which is a shame because we have the most powerful tool available for lasting change in the people seeking our help.
Having a steady, reliable source of income that was guaranteed to be there month after month.
    Strategy #2.  How to get more, high paying ready to go clients that are super motivated to work with you on a regular basis.
More money earned for less time and effort than ever before.
    Strategy #1.  Learn to leverage your area of expertise so you can multiply your efforts to work less hours for more income.
Building long lasting relationships and partnerships with like minded business people in the community that can really bring value to your work.
    Strategy #6.  Using the power of referrals in a totally new way that makes it virtually impossible not to be successful.
Being recognized as the go to resource for help by other industry professionals.
    Strategy #7.  Be a celebrity-like influencer where people HAVE to do business with you!
PLUS 3 MORE Top Notch Strategies that can make this your best year every.
For the first time ever. Dr. Richard Nongard and Entrepreneur Success Coach Rich Guzzi now team up to give you their EXACT plan of action that have brought them amazing wealth and success for more than 4 decades.  The unique part of this training is that it all happens in one day and can be easily put into action by YOU so you can model their success.  Nothing will be held back as you will learn the formula that both have used to gain success but also at the same time have more freedom to live an AMAZING life traveling the world,
The RIGHT ways to advertise your work so that you can have more motivated high paying premium clients!
How small adjustments will equal BIG RESULTS for YOU!
You will SAVE an ENORMOUS Amount of Time, Energy, Effort & Wasted Money!
Clients Will Magnetically Attract to YOU for changing their lives for the better.
You will Avoid the #1 MISTAKE Everyone makes When advertising your business that causes people to say NO to You!
How to Ethically Get Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace to LOVE YOU and Want to Do Business With YOU.
How to Make More Money in less time so that You can live a worry-free life with the freedom to do what you want when you want.
This dynamic HANDS ON training is normally priced at $1000+ when done by either Richard or Rich.  NOW you will get both trainers, ALL DAY for 90% off

YES.  You read that correctly.  This full one day training has an investment of only $129.
90% off as a pre-conference event!

PLUS this is not just lecture and learning.  This is DOING.  You will be implementing these strategies BEFORE you even leave for the day so you can learn by doing.   Every one of these strategies has been curated by both Richard and Rich and used in their personal businesses on a daily basis.  Now you can do the same thing and model their success.  Each one has been picked for this training for its ease of use and maximum potential for earning YOU more money.
Anyone can multiply your investment many times over with just one use.  Think about the lifetime value if you deployed every strategy and added it to your business on a daily basis.
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If you are not blown away after the first strategy and agree that it will add tremendous income potential to your business then simply ask for a refund at the first break and you got it NO QUESTIONS ASKED.   That’s how confident we are that this is not only a great deal at 90% off but also a training that you can actually implement as well and will LOVE.
Do Not wait.   These spaces are limited at this price and will increase with every 20 sign ups.