SPEED-TRANCE Lightning Fast Hypnosis Inductions Post Conference Event October 17&18, 2022

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The Trance-Master™s SPEED TRANCE Lightning Fast Hypnosis Inductions & Instant Life Trance-Formation Process!

Post Conference Training October 17 &18, 2022 9 pm to 4 pm each day.

Get ready for your Next Generation Hypnosis Methods! Here you will learn a World of Hypnosis techniques from method creator – learn from his life-time of Hypnosis Experience.
SPEED TRANCE Lightning Fast Hypnosis Inductions & Life Trance-Formations — Full Training & Certification Learn to Master Cutting Edge Instant Inductions and Hypnotic Phenomena with John Cerbone Hypnotist John Cerbone is easily considered to be your world renowned leader in the field of cutting-edge instant inductions he has personally developed known around the world as Speed-Trance.

100 inductions have been personally developed by your world-class instructor to date! Easy to learn and truly powerful to use! You will learn at least one dozen inductions during this information and technique packed program, which will be personally taught to you personally by your instructor. You will be performing these techniques like an expert within hours. You need this program, so come and learn to hypnotize most anybody, anytime, anywhere. In addition, you will learn to harness the technique of instantaneous life trance-formation as personally developed by your instructor.

By utilizing these amazing and powerful, yet easy to learn techniques, you will be able to create change and master hypnotic phenomena as never before! To date your instructor John Cerbone is ready to share and teach you these profound professional SECRETS and techniques to skyrocket your skill-set as a hypnotist! So whether you’re practicing clinical hypnosis, stage hypnosis, street-hypnosis, magic, hosting hypnotic demonstrations on television or anywhere else, as a professional hypnotist you need this program.

By learning ‘Speed Trance’ you will discover how easy it is to drop a complete stranger into hypnosis in less than 3 seconds! By attending, you will Master Hypnotic Phenomena skills and WOW the world! This program has been called the cutting-edge future of hypnotic trance!

You will learn New Stuff ~ and Have Tons of Fun!
Master Numerous Instant & Rapid Inductions – save time and wow spectators!
Learn to Create Powerful Hypnotic Phenomena – give clients what they really want and astonish witnesses!
Understand ‘Secret’ Cerbone Speed-Induction Styles – learn what really works, and what does not!

This day of skills set upgrades and learning will be packed with info not found anywhere else on any videos – techniques you can ONLY learn in-person from World-Famous method creator John The Trance-Master™ Cerbone! All levels and all branches of hypnotists – newbie’s to seasoned pros, stage, street and clinical – are welcome to attend and bring out their best.

Use these powerful techniques to jump-start (and even save) stage hypnosis shows, to insure deep levels of clinical trance in private sessions, and to entertain with street or party hypnosis or during magic, illusion and comedy shows. Even with little or no hypnotic experience, you can master instant and rapid induction techniques in this information-packed class – and learn to demonstrate the power of hypnosis in ways only others could dream of! And if you are already experienced with hypnosis, you will absolutely love how Speed Trance and hypnotic phenomena techniques to spice up your performances and enhance outcomes in clinical sessions!

Attend this concise class and you will also learn how to :
✔ Use humor as a hypnotic convincer in multiple settings
✔ Pick natural subjects that will respond instantly
✔ Use hypnotic phenomena to change perceptions and beliefs
✔ Harness the power of hypnotic language for increased outcomes
✔ Overcome skepticism and anxiety
✔ Learn the World-Famous “Cerbone Butterfly Induction” and many more Cutting Edge Speed-Trance Inductions from your World Renown Leader in the Field of Speed-Inductions
✔ Use personally developed Speed Trance methods in crisis and trauma situations, and with various client populations
✔ Create eye-popping phenomena from hypnotic amnesia to levitation, catalepsy to invisibility, time distortion
✔Structure complete ‘Street Hypnosis’ and impromptu party routines
✔ ~ and more! If you’ve seen the Speed Trance download/ DVD set and/or the “Street Trance” download/DVD set, or the very popular YouTube Clips, or if you’ve seen The Trance-Master™, working live, at numerous conferences and venues, you know how powerful and useful these amazing techniques can be in many different situations ~
So just imagine — 2 full days of hands-on training to practice and refine your skills, learn even more approaches and explore even additional applications! ~
Your potential will be unlimited! Within hours, you will be Speed-Trancing! This class is taught by Speed Trance method originator John The Trance-Master™ Cerbone – guaranteeing you no boring lectures and non-stop fun!