Pre- or Post- Convention Proposals

Please submit your proposal for a pre- or -post conference event at Mid-America. Also note that there are limited pre-and post- rooms available.

This is a difficult year. The conference did not exist as a live event for two years, we still have no idea what COVID is going to look like in October and how it may or may not affect attendance.

When I schedule pre- or post- rooms, I must contract with the hotel not only for the meeting room space, but also for a certain number of sleeping rooms, and these must be paid for regardless of turn-out. 2022 is still a big unknown.

I am not inclined to book many pre- or post- events this year, instead, focusing on the main conference days. Momentum for attendance was lost in the past two years, that is the top priority. Hopefully, in 2023 we have COVID behind us and momentum has been regained, and we can create a more robust event.

You can charge whatever you want for your event. Regardless or turn-out you will pay $350 per day for the room OR 30% of your registration fees to the conference, whichever is greater.

Example:  You have a one-day event and charge $200. You have 10 people who register. You will be paid $2000 minus $600 paid to the convention and keep $1400.

Another example:
You have a two-day event. You charge $400. Two people register. You will pay $700 to the conference and keep $100.

Another example: You cancel your event for any reason, including limited enrollment, or travel problems. You will still pay the $350. per day as we have reserved that room for you and are unable to at late notice make it available to another.

We are looking for presenters who have a following, a social media presence and ability to promote their own program as well as the conference. 

The pre- and post- events that are available include 2 day and 1-day events. 

Please submit ONE proposal for either a 2 day or a 1-day event.

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