2023 Speaker Proposal for
Mid-America Hypnosis Conference

The conference will be held in Arlington Heights, minutes from O'Hare airport October 20-22, 2023
At the Doubletree Hotel in Arlington Heights. Speakers should plan on attending the full conference. Speakers who intend to speak and leave, are not really helping to build community, so plan on staying for the conference. All conference speakers will get a free ticket to attend the conference. 

Hotel, meals, the awards dinner, and stage show are not included, you will need to make your own travel and lodging reservations, and are responsible for your own meals and dinner tickets.

Conference speakers will allow us to video and/or audio record the presentation and make it available on our website after the event without remuneration or consideration.

We strongly discourage PowerPoint presentations, preferring that you share from the heart and focus on practical applications and demonstrations. If you must use PowerPoint please limit your slides, and avoid "dense" slides packed with the words you are reading. Your presentation should NOT include video that you will play for the participants. If you need music or other sound, you will need to bring a device to play this on. This is a live event, and video presentations should not be a part of your talk.

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DEADLINE - MARCH 31, 2023. No Submission or Speakers will be Selected After That Date!
Speakers Selected will Be Notified by Apil 3, 2023.

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