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Whether you choose to continue to learn and become a Board Certified Hypnotist, or simply to learn a new way to live your life, what you are about to learn is Powerful and Life-Changing.

WARNING: Reading further will dramatically improve your life!

Hypnosis is not mind control – Hypnosis can not be used to make someone do something, quit something, stop doing something, or forget something. Hypnosis can help anyone take back control in the areas of their life where they have felt out of control. Rather than mind control, hypnosis is about Mind Power. Utilizing the power of the subconscious mind – the supercomputer that controls 95% of our lives. ADD IMAGE—–Hypnosis helps anyone learn or remember how to: do something, quit something, stop doing something, and change how they view past events. Hypnosis helps clients do those things, or stop doing those things, that they choose. Hypnosis empowers your clients to do what comes natural to them, on their terms. It does all of this by, perhaps for the first time in their life, teaching them how to feel in the way that they desire, instead of the way they’ve been programmed.

Is Hypnosis Real? – Hypnosis is a scientifically measured state of mind. Hypnosis is not sleep, but rather a focused, relaxed state of mind. There are four measurable states of mind. Our minds are most highly suggestible in the alpha and theta level brain wave states.

What’s included in the Certification Training??

In addition to achieving certification as a hypnotherapist by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ICBCH), as a student you will receive the following:

Instruction in the following areas:
• History of hypnosis
• Self-Hypnosis
• Ericksonian Hypnosis
• Hypnotic Induction
• Guided Imagery / Visualization
• Progressive Muscle Relaxation
• Contextual Hypnotherapy
• Autogenic Training
• Deepening Procedures
• Structure of a session
• Pre-talk
• Assessment
• Convincers / Demonstrations
• Fractionation
• Indirect Suggestion
• Direct Suggestion
• Metaphor
• Storytelling
• Learning Styles
• Techniques of Hypnosis
• Mindfulness Meditation
• Ethics and Law
• Business and Practice Management
• Specific Applications (Smoking, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Phobias, more)
• Scope of Practice
• Much more

To meet these core competency requirements, your training will include the following modules:

Your “Live Training Course Weekend” consists of Friday night 6:30-9:30pm, Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm and Sunday 9am-3pm.

This weekend training will be followed by online video and audio training within the following four weeks after your live weekend training. Complementary instruction will be required via reading and practice sessions to meet the ICBCH 40 hour requirements.

In addition, by training with me, Rick Paddock, Founder and Director of the MidAmerica Hypnosis & Mindset Training Center, and the Milwaukee Hypnosis & Wellness Center, you will have email and phone support as you move forward with this exciting, life-changing skill.

As a graduate you will have full access to my experience, resources and connections, including
The Exclusive Rights To Copy the following training and marketing products for your client and business success:

With these rights, you can instantly become a published author, and with it, the status as an expert in this exciting field of personal empowerment.

What is the cost?. All of the above – All 40 Hours of training, with includes the live weekend training, the 4 week follow-up online audio and video training, the on-going email and phone support, the Exclusive Right to Copy products (and more bonus materials including 50+ hypnosis scripts and 50+ self-hypnosis audios for you and your clients use) plus a framed ICBCH Certification are included in your investment of $1995. LIMITED TIME EARLY BIRD PRICING OF $995
(when you reserve your seat with a payment by Midnight January 31st)

Hypnosis won’t make your client better at something instantly. It will help them improve nearly any learned skill. For instance, some people have a natural talent for music or athletic activities. Hypnosis can help them, as well as those not as naturally talented but just as motivated, to enjoy & improve their practice time, their time performing, their focus, especially during “crunch time.”

Hypnosis is a skill that anyone can learn and improve.. Hypnosis is a learned skill. You are already doing it. Your clients are already doing it. Hypnosis can be described as a focused state of mind characterized by automatic behaviors despite conscious thinking. The life area your clients wish to change is them already doing hypnosis – unintentionally without their conscious direction or desire. We help them do it better – intentionally, in alignment with their direction and desire. Anyone can learn to improve their natural ability to access their creative and imaginative subconscious mind. As a Certified Hypnotist you will be the catalyst to changing how your clients feel, as well as how they learn to feel better feelings. It is by training, coaching and teaching your clients how to access their subconscious mind that allows them to then reprogram their mind to beliefs, habits and feelings that are aligned with their current life goals, rather than unwanted, unproductive past programming.

Hypnosis is not a passive process. It’s an active process neurologically. For as your clients actively make their desired change a priority in their life, they easily learn new perspectives and automatic behaviors, actions, reactions and feelings.

Is hypnosis guaranteed to work? The 100% Guarantee is within your clients. There is no money-back guarantee. Your work with your clients is a partnership. As you learn to bring 100% effort, desire and intention to every session, you teach your clients to believe in their unlimited ability to create a life they desire. But your part of the partnership is only 50% of the partnership. Their desire to change is the most critical element in your work together. No matter what a hypnotist does, it will not work if deep down your client doesn’t really want to change. They must also have a willingness to focus and the courage to take action. They have to want and they have to be willing. From there, change within them is inevitable.

Hypnosis reminds the subconscious of it’s greatest asset. The ability to choose! The power to choose is everyone’s God-given gift. This power to choose is mostly a neglected, forgotten and unused talent. Hypnosis reminds the conscious and subconscious mind of this natural ability, thus freeing your clients to live the life they desire. They’ve been taught knowledge – how to think – their whole life. Now you’ll be teaching them how to reprogram the feeling part of their mind. They have a problem because what they think (desire) is not what they feel. And what they feel is running their life. With hypnosis you teach your clients how to learn to feel what they desire!

Hypnosis is a process of teaching, coaching, and training your clients mind new ways to “talk” to themselves and to then make better choices. With your help, they learn how to optimize the change they desire. As their hypnotist you teach them how to practice that change. It is then that they change how they feel in addition to how they talk about “their past problem”. When they “talk” different, they feel different. Talk better, feel better.

How much can someone charge for hypnotherapy?? As a Board Certified Hypnotist you decide what to charge. This will depend on a number of factors, including your expenses, goals and life desires, as well as, and perhaps most importantly, the value you offer your clients. Average rates for hypnotherapy programs of colleagues of ours around the country run from $100 per session to $7000 for a 20 hour program. It depends. Because we are all unique individuals, with varied life circumstances, histories and environments, the number of sessions will vary. As hypnosis is a process of teaching, coaching and training the mind, most clients are able to learn to make the changes in one life area within three to six sessions.

How many sessions are needed or recommended for most problems? It depends. Because we are all unique individuals, with varied life circumstances, histories and environments, the number of sessions will vary. As hypnosis is a process of teaching, coaching and training the mind, most clients are able to learn to make the changes in one life area within three to six sessions.